Participation in Government and Economics - Mr. Busch


 The title of this course is Participation in Government and Economics.  That is exactly what we will do.  As High School Seniors about to embark on your life’s plans, it is important to understand how our government and economy function and how you participate in it.   It is easy to say that we know how government works, or we know our rights, or we understand how our tax dollars are being spent. A 2011 survey of entering college freshmen indicated just the opposite. In fact, the results indicated that 75% of entering freshmen had less knowledge of the U.S. government, than immigrants applying for citizenship.


            Throughout our semester together you will complete various assignments and activities – most of which will involve working in groups.  Get used to it!  Government works together and so will we!  You will also need access to the internet.  The web page for the course is In order to succeed you will need to complete the following assignments and obtain the necessary supplies:


  1. You will complete a weekly Current Events assignment – It will be due each Friday that class meets.   Neatness is a must.  The assignment must be complete to receive credit.
  2. You will complete independent projects.   They will be assigned throughout the course.    
  3. You will work with your group/class members to formulate opinions, answer questions and draw conclusions.
  4. You will participate in a series of class assignments and activities that will place you in the role of participant.  These activities will require additional tasks to be performed outside of class. 
  5. You are required to attend two local government meetings and complete an outline of the proceedings.  A form to be verified by a government official will be made available to you.


A textbook will be used to supplement our activities.   You will need to obtain a notebook for regular class assignments.  Depending on how adventurous I get, some assignments may be posted on the web at   I can also be E-mailed through this site.


This course provides valuable information and strategies, and you will get from it what you put into it!  

This course provides valuable information and strategies, and you will get from it what you put into it!  

 Homework:  Homework is never accepted late! A grade of "0" will be entered for late/missing homework.  Everything Counts - Points will be deducted for Typos, grammar/spelling errors, sloppy papers - you name it!  

Click here for current events form

Click here for Government Meeting Form

Click here for projects, syllabus, assignments, etc.


Current Events is due Every Friday that class meets beginning September 21.    

Due Dates for Papers and Government Meetings: